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The Hudson Valley Moms Club (HVMC), is a non-profit group for mothers based in the Newburgh NY area.  This group enables moms to meet each other with their children and get together in a supportive atmosphere.   The club has a wide range of activities including monthly meetings with occasional speakers with interesting topics and discussions, park play dates, play days, special outings for mothers, fathers and their children, holiday activities, and service projects benefiting needy mothers and children in the community.

In addition, the group sponsors special "activity groups" that allow members to share similar interests.  Typically, activity groups include playgroups for infants to school age children, Moms night out, sometimes a Dads night out too. Exercise, coupon/refund swaps, clothing and toy swaps, lunch get togethers, arts & crafts, etc…. Whatever the mothers are interested in, we are able to do!

Because the Hudson Valley Moms Club is a support group specifically for the mother at-home, all meetings are held during the day and mothers may bring their children to anything the group does.  

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